Join a dynamic team that’s passionate about harnessing the power of student voice to improve our programming through Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) & interactive social media.



Organization and Position Goals

Empowering our clients and improving our program through client voice is an important part of the Teen HOPE and Pathways programs. We have strong collaborative relationships with state and local governmental agencies, community based organizations, area businesses, and schools, which we leverage to build opportunities and supports for the young parents and children we serve. While a Public Health Nurse focuses on reducing the emotional, familial, and health barriers associated with early childbearing and parenting, the Pathways staff provides daily coaching designed to keep minor setbacks in check and amass the tangible resources needed to keep the parents connected and on-track.

The overall goal of this position is to build capacity within the Teen HOPE and Pathways Programs to utilize student voice to engage, reconnect and retain teen parent families and youth on probation in meaningful education and training programs leading to improved stability and living-wage jobs.

Position Activities

  • Create multiple strategies for gathering student voice/experience into short and long-term program planning to inform daily operations. Ensure such strategies are created within sustainable systems guaranteeing their longevity.
  •  Continue to operationalize a social media presence for Teen HOPE/Pathways as a means of providing outreach, communication, and retention strategies for teen parent participants.
  •  Build capacity for the Teen Hope program to have a more effective volunteer program by developing systems and procedures, including a resource bank of volunteer professionals willing to provide job shadowing, informational interviewing, e-mentoring, and internship opportunities for clients.
  •  Build capacity for the Teen Hope program to run an effective tutoring connections program–this include developing more effective system to recruit, train and manage potential academic tutors at MCTC and BCA to assist students with GED preparation—this includes an organized resource bank.
  •  Review existing inventory of materials and supplies for student support and incentives. Build upon knowledge to develop an efficient inventory tracking system that is sustainable and user-friendly.
  • The Opportunity Youth VISTA Sub-Cohort will increase broad-based understanding and implementation of key strategies within the ecosystem of opportunity youth providers in order to improve educational and employment outcomes for young people experiencing homelessness. Key strategies and approaches include; Elevating Youth Voice/Youth Participatory Action Research, Ethical Storytelling (social media, video, etc), and Career Services Alignment.

Additional C3 Benefits

  • $300 of monthly housing support
  • $50 monthly gas card or $95 monthly bus pass
  • $400 professional development fund

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