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The mission of The Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation of Minnesota is to honor the legacy of its founders by supporting efforts that address the unmet human and social needs of individuals, families, and communities that have the least access to resources.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

Marcel Proust

As a Foundation, we understand more and more that how we work is just as important as what we do. Equity is an outcome achieved through  systematic  fair and just treatment of all people. 

Furthermore, we understand that this transformation begins with the internal culture, practices, and policies of the Foundation, its staff, and its board. We have committed to a set of beliefs about how we must approach our work if we are to achieve the equity we strive for. Like any set of values and beliefs, these are aspirational – in some ways we are making progress, while in others we have much work yet to do.

We believe:


Individuals and communities most impacted by injustice are the best equipped to generate and lead solutions to that injustice.

We are committed to keeping our ears to the ground and a finger on the pulse of North Minneapolis to ensure we are elevating a grassroots and positive narrative of the community. We recognize members of the community as experts of their own experience and commit to using our seat at decision-making tables to advance an agenda rooted in the concerns of those to whom we are most accountable.

Addressing root causes of injustice is necessary in order to achieve racial, social, and economic equity.

We are committed to addressing injustice in institutions, systems, and circumstances when we encounter it. Racism exists in the fabric of the United States. Structural and institutional racism and other forms of oppression have created systems over time that discriminate against low-income communities of color and are aimed at keeping these communities at the margins. Without addressing structural racism and its manifestation in our systems, we will continue to reinforce economic, political, and social inequities.

Equity results from the presence of diversity plus the practice of meaningful inclusion.

We are committed to live out our beliefs and values with diligence and integrity, acknowledging that we are all on a development journey of learning how to unlearn. Our recent experiences have taught us that our complex identities, lived experiences, and cultural contexts inform the way we understand ourselves, the world, and its challenges. Deep awareness and deconstruction of our own identities and positions of power are crucial to moving our work forward in a respectful and equitable way.

With power and its accompanying privilege comes a higher level of accountability to the communities we intend to impact with our resources.

We are committed to acknowledging and undoing the power imbalance that has historically defined the grantor-grantee relationship, as well as the lack of accountability to which foundations have historically been held.  Building quality, trusting, and reciprocal relationships is central to our collective work. While the law has certain requirements of us as foundations, we will hold ourselves to a higher standard and be transparent in our interactions, decision-making processes, and strategic ambitions.

Our History

In 1944, Jay and Rose Phillips created a philanthropic foundation so their longstanding practice of giving back to the community could continue far into the future.

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Reports and Financials

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