Organization and Position Goals

The Pohlad Family Foundation is a private foundation that has contributed more than $150 million in grants toward improving quality of life in the Twin Cities since 1998. The Pohlad Family Foundation recently established a strategic focus on housing stability with the goal to prevent and end homelessness amongst families and youth in the Twin Cities 7-County metropolitan area. The Foundation will implement its new focus starting in 2018 through four broad strategies:

  • Homelessness prevention: catching youth and families before they experience homelessness by addressing their immediate needs. This includes work such as eviction prevention, helping youth transition out of the foster care system, amongst other efforts.
  • Housing affordability: identifying and funding solutions that improve housing affordability for extremely low-income families and youth.
  • Systems change: strengthening and participating in coalitions to address larger systemic change, recognizing that homelessness cannot be solved by programs working independently or by philanthropy alone.
  • Creating awareness and galvanizing support: we will become a powerful voice for change – shining a light on the issues and championing the solutions

Position Activities

  • Grow insight, internally and externally, into the experiences of youth experiencing homelessness by building Pohlad Foundation’s (and partners) capacity for ethical storytelling.
  • Geographic mapping of need and assets tied to youth homelessness in the 7-County metro.
  • Research best practices and innovation in supporting affordable housing options for youth experiencing homelessness.
  • The Opportunity Youth VISTA Sub-Cohort will increase broad-based understanding and implementation of key strategies within the ecosystem of opportunity youth providers in order to improve educational and employment outcomes that support long-term stability. Key strategies and approaches include; Elevating Youth Voice/Youth Participatory Action Research, Ethical Storytelling (social media, video, ect), and Career Services Alignment.
  • Work with supervisor and OY cohort host sites to identify the capacities that have been built and how they might be sustained or could inform work with youth experiencing homelessness.

Additional C3 Benefits

  • $300 of monthly housing support
  • $50 monthly gas card or $95 monthly bus pass
  • $400 professional development fund
  • Free Access to gym facility


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