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Walkin’ in a VISTA Wonderland

By Jacob Cohn, Academic Enhancement and Marketing Coordinator – International Institute of Minnesota

If you’re considering becoming a PSEI VISTA you probably have a few questions about our program and the work we do. And for many prospective applicants, one question looms above them all: How does PSEI VISTA celebrate the holidays?

Well, wonder no longer. These pictures from our December meeting showcase the lighter side of PSEI VISTA life.

dec blog post

This meeting was partially work-focused—the morning was centered around a discussion with Paul Robinson of the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation about core values. VISTAs had the opportunity to reflect on their own personal values and discuss them with each other, and they were prompted to think about ways in which they might incorporate different values into their everyday lives.

But the afternoon was devoted to a holiday party that included food, games and a gift exchange.It also included an ugly sweater contest, although the consensus was that at least some of the sweaters actually looked pretty good. We then proceeded to take advantage of the afternoon specials offered by a nearby bar, Otter’s Saloon.

I was admittedly being a tiny bit sarcastic when I said this was the most important question for potential VISTAs. But fun gatherings like these showcase the communal spirit that develops in VISTA cohorts—and provides a glimpse of what we do after hours. If you want to join in the fun, click here.

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