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Building Capacity within Workforce Programs

Webinar Materials

On Tuesday, November 26th, the Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation of Minnesota sponsored a webinar to present findings from the first two years of our Phillips Sectoral Employment Initiative.  The presenters were:

  •  Joel Luedtke, Senior Program Officer
    • Joel managers the Foundation’s employment grantmaking strategy including PSEI
  • Susan Crandall PhD, President of Workforce Results
    • Susan and her team provided technical assistance to PSEI grantees and conducted an evaluation of the initiative.
  •  Michael Donahue, Associate Executive Director at the International Institute of Minnesota
    • Michael directs the Medical Career Pathways program at IIM.

Here are the materials from yesterday’s event:

PSEI Findings In Brief 11 26 13 (9 pages)

Building Capacity within Workforce Programs Webinar Slides (20 pages)

Webinar Recording (65 Minutes)


Thanks for your interest in improving career opportunities for low income adults!

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