Meet our staff


Patrick Troska

Patrick Troska was named Executive Director in 2011 and now President as of 2018. He has been with the Foundation since 2000 when he came on board as a Program Officer, and was promoted to Senior Program Officer in 2005.  Patrick also serves as point person for the Foundation’s Entrepreneurship and Small Business Ecosystem grantmaking strategy.

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Program Director

Joel Luedtke

Joel Luedtke is Program Director at the Foundation. Joel serves as the point person for the Foundation’s Student Centered Learning grantmaking strategy, and has primary responsibly for the Foundation’s overall impact and evaluation efforts. Joel also has considerable experience in adult workforce development.

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Grants and Operations Manager

Tracy Lamparty

Tracy Lamparty is the Grants and Operations Manager at the Foundation. She manages both the Foundation’s grantmaking process as well as its administrative and financial operations. Tracy joined the Foundation as the Office Manager in 2008.

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Program Officer

Elizabeth Coco

Elizabeth Coco is a Program Officer at the Foundation. Coco joined the Foundation in fall 2015 to launch and manage the C3 Twin Cities VISTA Program. With the program sun setting in summer of 2019, Coco is now dedicated fulltime to the Foundation’s Entrepreneurship and Small Business Ecosystem grantmaking strategy in partnership with the President.

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Foundation Mascot


If you’ve been around the Foundation offices, you may have noticed Zander.  He’s a very friendly and gentle Australian Cattle Dog, whose one objective is to give and receive love. Zander’s work life consists of the occasional visit to the office, chasing a ball, greeting visitors and fielding “ooh’s and aahs”.