10 Reasons Why C3 Twin Cities is the Best!

C3 Twin Cities is a very unique VISTA cohort sponsored by the Jay & Rose Phillips Family Foundation of Minnesota.  They truly value our time and effort, and show their appreciation by providing us with some perks.  There have been several occasions in which I have heard my fellow VISTAs from other cohorts remark, “I wish I was in the Phillips cohort,” or, “Wow, you get so much extra help!” These […]

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VISTAs after 5pm: A Day in the Other Life

The beauty of having a cohort style program like C3 TwinCities is that we get top balance discussions about our VISTA duties with getting to know the multifaceted lives of our VISTAs outside of service. After saving their spreadsheet files and closing their laptops, C3 VISTAs head out to attend club meetings, start Uber shifts, and even roll up their sleeves for diaper duty.  These are just a few of […]

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The 6 month check in

We here at C3 are halfway through our year of service. We took a break from the data entry and the other day to day tasks to look back at the highlights of the first half of our year. I often think of change as a gardening metaphor. First you must till the soil. Then you plant the seed. Afterwards you water the soil and hope for sunshine. Finally, sometimes […]

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Professional Development Spotlight: Overcoming Racism Conference

This past fall, the VISTAs of C3 Twin Cities had the privilege of volunteering and attending the 2016 Overcoming Racism Conference: Disrupting Racism as Usual. Together we learned about the impacts of racism and explored how we can overcome the hatred undergirding the many systems we operate within. Naturally, we all had different takeaways from the conference, but there were a few particular areas of interest that stood out. We […]

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Professional Development Spotlight: Facing Race Relations Head On

VISTAs spend their year of service developing systems, building capacity, and engaging in professional development. Here at C3 we offer a wide array of professional development  opportunities for VISTAs to take part in. Opportunities can sometimes be personally powerful as well. In the following post, Sarah Reiter delves into a recent conference she attended and how it was one of the most important experiences of her life. Written By Sarah […]

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The End is Near….

By Michael Peterson, Career Education Outreach Coordinator, RESOURCE Inc. I don’t know how I would have made it through the year without you. Those words, or variations on them, came to define the last of our VISTA meetings, a bi-weekly event that had been a lifeline for many of us during this service year. From the very beginning of the day, it took a concentrated team effort to make even the […]

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Having Fun on a VISTA Budget

By Ivy Estenson, Employment Specialist, Takoda Group You did it! You scored a full-time job at a prestigious non-profit. You’ll be doing meaningful work for a whole year and just gained 10-15 new friends in your VISTA cohort. Life is looking pretty good. Then you see how much you’ll be getting paid. VISTA’s salaries leave little wiggle room. It’s important to recognize the financial commitment this year means, but it’s […]

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VISTA Superpowers!

By Clarissa Goldsmith, Daniel Gerdes, & Ivy Estenson At the risk of sounding pretentious, we on the humble blogging committee think it would be safe to say that being an AmeriCorps VISTA member is a lot like being a superhero. Sure, we’re not out stopping robot overlords or battling a fire demon summoned from the great beyond that’d like nothing more than to destroy I-94 and mess up the morning […]

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Why Should You Join C3 TwinCities?

By Sofi Kragness, Marketing and Outreach Coordinator, Women’s Programs, RESOURCE, Inc.  When I began my VISTA year back in August, I had no idea that the journey I was about to embark on would change me in all the ways that it has. I have grown as a person, as a friend and as a young professional. Not only have I grown, I have helped others grow as well and […]

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Interview: Brian Paulson, Program Officer; Pohlad Family Foundation

by Daniel Gerdes, Program Associate, The Pohlad Family Foundation I wanted to bring a different perspective to the VISTA blog for this post. We talk about the perspective of our nonprofit sites or our personal experiences as VISTAs but we rarely hear about the world of philanthropy; a major source of support for nonprofits.  So, I decided to interview my  supervisor, Brian Paulson, to get his opinion on philanthropy and […]

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