About C3 TwinCities VISTA

C3 TwinCities: For Career, Cause, and Community

C3 TwinCities is an AmeriCorps VISTA program sponsored by the Corporation for National and Community Service and The Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation of Minnesota.

Since 2016, our program connects career, cause, and community through a service year that elevates the skills and professional relationships of the next generation of community leaders. All of our programming is rooted in a strong social justice framework.

C3 TwinCities VISTAs serve full-time for 12 months in organizations advancing strategies to lift up opportunity youth, foster student-centered education, and build vibrant local economies.

Our Structure

C3 TwinCities has a unique sub-cohort structure which allows us to approach poverty reduction efforts in a more holistic way. We join in partnership with The Jay & Rose Phillips Family Foundation of Minnesota, The Pohlad Family Foundation and Nexus Community Partners who bring expertise and leadership in three focus areas:


Reimagine how schools build community, incorporate relevance and engage parents for student success.

Opportunity Youth

Rekindle the dreams of youth by connecting them to career pathway and post-secondary opportunities.

Community Wealth

Build economic development strategies that ensure local and broad-based ownership for vibrant local economies.

Why C3 TwinCities?


Build more than a resume—forge connections that will help you pursue your career goals.


Work with leaders who are implementing strategies to overcome the disparities faced by Twin Cities’ communities of color.


Join together with your peers in ongoing learning opportunities with top experts in the field.

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