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    by Patrick Troska, Executive Director In January, our Foundation lead a workshop at the Minnesota Council of Foundation’s annual conference. The session was entitled “From Empathy to Strategy: Co-Designing Grantmaking with Community.”  It was our attempt to[...]

    by Patrick J. Troska, Executive Director It’s not entirely clear to me who coined that phrase.  A Google search was inconclusive, although Stephen Covey wrote a book entitled “The Speed of Trust” in 2006, so maybe he gets credit. Regardless, this phrase bec[...]

    by Elizabeth Coco and Patrick Troska Months ago we engaged a local consulting group to lead us in a Human Centered Design process.  This required us to commit to listen deeply, not once, but as a regular practice, to those directly impacted by poverty. With[...]

    By Patrick Troska, Executive Director Strategic planning is often not a linear process. You believe you’re headed down one path, and then new information or a line of inquiry unexpectedly pushes you in a new direction. In 2015, here at the Foundation we kne[...]

    By Patrick Troska, Executive Director When people ask me how my 3-month sabbatical was, the answer is more complicated than the one I usually give. Time doesn’t generally allow for nuance. “It was great. It was a wonderful opportunity to step away from[...]

    BY PATRICK TROSKA, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Twenty-one years ago, representatives of the Foundation and the Minnesota Private College Council (MPPC) got together to explore ways the Foundation’s previous 30+ years of scholarship support might be put to better use[...]

    Dear Colleagues and Stakeholders, After 15 years with the Foundation, four and a half as Executive Director, Patrick Troska will embark on a 12-week sabbatical beginning June 25, 2015. He will return to his position with the Foundation on Monday September 2[...]

    BY Patrick Troska, Executive Director and Joel Luedtke, Senior Program Officer In our last blog, “2014 Year in Review Part 1: Taking Feedback Seriously,” we shared what we learned when we sought anonymous feedback about the Foundation’s performance from a [...]

    WRITTEN BY PATRICK J. TROSKA, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR The end of a calendar year marks a natural opportunity to pause and reflect on the past year. If you’re like me, you take these opportunities seriously to both affirm what is working well and reset those thin[...]

    BY PATRICK J. TROSKA, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Earlier this week I decided to ride the new Metro Green Line light rail from The Interchange to Union Depot and back. Having opened just over a week earlier, I was curious what the experience would be like after the [...]

    Written by  Patrick Troska, Executive Director Among service providers and advocates there is a widely held belief that supportive housing greatly benefits those who are homeless and/or those experiencing life-altering mental or chemical health issues. Much[...]

    By PATRICK TROSKA, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Following years of planning and preparation the Metro Green Line LRT, aka the Central Corridor, is slated to begin running June 14th! I remember sitting in a room with a bunch of other funders discussing the prop[...]