Mission, Vision & Values

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

The mission of The Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation of Minnesota is to honor the legacy of its founders by supporting efforts that address the unmet human and social needs of individuals, families, and communities that have the least access to resources.

Our Vision

Our vision is based on the legacy and example of our founders, Jay and Rose Phillips, whose generosity and commitment to building a stronger community for all continue to guide our work.

We envision:

  • A community where all have the opportunity to lead productive lives, provide for themselves and their families, and participate fully in community life.
  • A community that celebrates diversity, eliminates discrimination, and offers a hand up, not a handout, to those in need.
  • A community where those with the least access to resources find clear pathways to education and skills, to jobs that provide a living wage, and to safe, affordable housing.
  • A community where people, organizations, and institutions work together to tackle persistent challenges, create opportunity, and achieve results.

This vision shapes both what we do and how we work.

Our Values

Our work is shaped by Jewish values. We strive to live these values in all of the work of the Foundation.
Pikuach Nefesh: saving a life–the highest Jewish obligation that overrides almost every other law.
Tzedakah: social justice towards those in need
Tikkun Olam: repairing the world one life at a time
G’milut Hassadin: acts of loving kindness
Tselem Elohim: every human being is equal in the eyes of God